download (8)Having some problems with your tummy is not an easy experience. Our body needs food, and the food we eat must pass through the digestive system. Difficulties with the food digestion do not only affect food intake but also in the absorption of nutrients and minerals. If you are experiencing some discomfort digesting your food, you need to know what are the most accessible foods for you as well as the bad ones for your tummy.


Here’s a list of what’s good for you:


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  •  Eggs. In case you haven’t yet informed, eggs are healthy, all down to the yolk from the egg white. Gone are those days when you are afraid to have high risk of heart disease. in fact, it is one of the healthiest foods. Eggs are good for your digestive system especially when you have them scrambled or hard boiled.

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  • Oatmeal. Good for the heart and great for your tummy. The fiber in oatmeal is what it makes it easy to digest. Just make sure that you choose the whole and organic form of oatmeal and not the instant packed ones.

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  • Yogurt. This one you know very well. Yogurt are your tummy’s companion to a healthier condition. Although a dairy, yogurt, especially Greek yogurt has a thick consistency and has been strained to remove the whey.Plus, it has probiotics which are essential for good digestion.

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  • Brown rice. Another healthy whole food. It can provide the body the necessary carbohydrates and at the same time fiber for a cleaner digestive tract. In fact, it can be considered a remedy for constipation and diarrhea. So next time you need to rush for a carbohydrate source, make sure you choose brown rather than the white and refined version.

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  • Salmon. Aside from a healthy dose of good fatty acids (omega-3), salmons are good foods for your tummy. These essential fatty acids that it contain makes this oily fish easy to digest.

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