contaminated waterContaminated water could be harmful to anyone, even more so for those with weakened immune systems. In fact, some organisms that could show up in water may be harmless to most, but deadly to others. A weakened immune system can be a result of having an organ transplant, having HIV or AIDS or from undergoing chemotherapy. Even with patients with less common congenital or acquired immune system dysfunction. A weaker immune system means a higher likelihood of contracting disease from waterborne contaminants.

Cryptosporidiosis, a diarrhea disease known better as “crypto”, is one ailment caused by a microscopic parasite that can have a greater effect on a weakened immune system. In fact, over the past 20 years, it has become one of the more common waterborne illnesses. Cryptosporidium parvum lives in intestines of humans and animals and is passed in their stool. This disease is communicable and can be passed by water, sex, sharing food and even touching farm animals. The parasite is protected by an outer shell, which allows it to survive outside the body for long periods of time and– here’s the kicker– makes it very resistant to chlorine disinfection.

Another disease to be aware of is toxoplasmosis— a disease from a single-celled parasite toxoplasma gondii. It is noted that there are over 60-million people who are infected with this disease-causing parasite, however most immune systems fight off an illness before symptoms arise, the parasite lying dormant. But for those with weaker immune systems, it’s not that easy.

These are just two major diseases that can affect someone with a weak immune system. Don’t let your body be your only filter against the contaminants in your water. Having a water filtration system at home can protect you from consuming any harmful substances found in water. Filtration systems work to remove heavy metals, bacteria, chlorine and many other chemicals. These types of contaminants are often found in water and are harmful to our health, even more so to those with weak immune systems. Protecting your water source could be the only way to be 100% crypto free!

Puritii Water Filtration System

Puritii Water Filtration System

Drinking clean, pure water is a way to get a good health. The best prevention is to practice safe water practices. Most important, this means clean drinking water.  There is a new patented water filtration technology that was proven to exceed NSF standards up to 100 times and help you feel secure that the water you are drinking is contaminant free. The is the first product in a water filtration product line that will help people have piece of mind wherever they are. Puritii’s unique Zeosleeve has a zeolite wall that attracts the bacteria and viruses to the Zeolite wall as they pass by. When they are stuck to the Zeolite wall a magnetic charge pierces the bacterial or virus’s cell membrane and kills it rendering them harmless. For more inquiries about the product please visit h.

Maintaining our health will give us the strength to live positive and meaningful lives and more importantly to be able to help many others around us.